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Why optimise?

Regular optimisation is vital for success

A website that is never monitored, measured and updated is almost certainly under-performing.


A site that is regularly tracked, analysed and enhanced can result in a very significant increase in targeted customers on your site and a higher proportion who take action.


Full optimisation is a continuous process and the steps are easy to define. All must take place and the “loop” must be closed if a culture of continuous improvement is to be established.


>> Create >> Target >> Optimise >> Measure >> Enhance >>Re-Optimise  >> Re-Measure, etc, etc


This is probably the most misunderstood area of owning and running a website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to give it the proper name, defines a range of vital activities that you should be performing:



1. to increase the amount of targeted traffic that comes from the search engines, and



2. to increase the percentage of those visitors who take one of your desired actions  

   (call you, buy from you, etc).



3. to understand, in a measurable way, how your website is contributing to your

    business goals



See also our article “SEO - is it Necessary?”

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