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You may believe that you have a first class website with elegant design, brilliant content and superb navigation.  But if no-one finds you then you will have wasted your money!  


If those who do visit take no action and leave, you have also wasted your money!  Do you have the relevant data for your website?


You will only know how your site is performing through regular measurement of key parameters.  These measurements (the analytics or metrics) are the basis of site optimisation and site improvement.


We offer a foundation service where we will measure and report key statistics. These statistics are: number of visitors, visits per day, total page views, average number of pages visited, average time on site and bounce rate.


Performance analysis

Performance analysis and benchmarking gives vital evidence of improvement opportunities

We will also provide you with a six-monthly benchmarking comparison of the same data for organisations of a similar size.  The comparison is anonymous and based on a sample of at least 100 other relevant websites.  Metrics such as these are an important input to the regular review, updating and focussing of your website towards the best possible search engine rankings.


For optimum performance you may well wish to use our full Search Engine Optmisation (SEO) service.

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