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The power of a professional website

This article explores the imperative of having a website in today's competitive environment, and highlights many aspects of the power of the web.  The author brings out some strengths that might not be immediately obvious.


Most big businesses understand the power of a professional website and how important a polished and functional web presence is in today's hyper-connected world. Many small businesses and organisations overlook what a website can do for them, feeling they won't benefit from a professional website and that it will be too expensive. Neither is true. In fact, small businesses have the most to gain from an online presence. The internet makes it possible for even the smallest boutique shop to compete with the global big guys for on-line sales. A small business or organisation can compete effectively locally for services or members with far bigger players.


Consumers today do the majority of their shopping and information seeking online. By not establishing an online presence with a professional website your business could be missing out on a huge opportunity to increase profits or provide services to members. Consumer homes with broadband connections are increasing by about 35% every year and that high-speed power makes shopping online more appealing than ever before. The internet has largely replaced the library for information seekers.


Another very important reasons customers prefer companies with a professional website is that they can browse and check them out before making any commitment. The power of a professional website is that it allows you to showcase your products or services to customers without pressure. Your potential customers can find out detailed information on each product or service and compare prices with the kind of ease that gives them confidence that they are making a well-informed decision.

The power of a professional website goes beyond what most small businesses initially comprehend. When a business has a well-planned, structured, professional website clients cannot immediately tell the size of the company they are dealing with. Many times, even in the bricks and mortar world, customers will gravitate toward the big corporate stores because those stores give them a sense of security and perceived satisfaction. Online, if your website is properly structured and set up, the customer has a higher perceived notion of respectability.


Never has it been easier for a medium or small sized business to establish a brand identity. For decades advertisers have known the power of branding. Branding is the act of imprinting your company name, or product, on the minds of consumers so that they immediately think of you when they want what you are offering. In the past, big dollars dominated the brand name market; not anymore. The internet provides reasonably priced solutions to getting exposure for your name, product and service to customers all over the world.


Finally, a most important reason to establish a professional website for your company; it never sleeps. Business owners and managers of organisations are human and can only be present to run their business for a limited number of hours a day. Your professional website will be awake and on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide your potential customers with information, give them options for contacting you, and most important - take their orders.


Yes, with the power of a professional website you can be making money, or servicing your clients or members, while you are sound asleep, on vacation, taking the kids to a soccer game, or relaxing on the patio. Make the commitment to a worldwide presence for your company and discover how small and powerful the world on the web really is.


A well designed website works to drive up business performance

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