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We are writing a series of short, concise, articles to provide guidance on topics that frequently arise during discussions between web developers and clients. We will add to these articles over time.


Whether you become a client or not, we hope you find them useful. Please contact us if there are any aspects that you would like to explore further.


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This article explores the imperative of having a website in today's competitive environment, and highlights many aspects of the power of the web.  The author brings out some strengths that might not be immediately obvious.


It is all too easy to think that "We have a website, so all is OK."  Wrong!  This article details many classic shortcomings, shortcomings that are correctable with the right approach.  The article concludes " is better to have no website at all than to have a poor one that turns customers away"  Food for thought!

When people look for a product online the first place they go to is a search engine. Your web site provides an incredible opportunity to increase your profits, but is a web site alone enough?



Setting up an on-line e-Commerce store is not 'just' commissioning some computer programming.  Think "Retail".  Imagine that you were setting up a new physical shop. What customer experience do you want to deliver? Make sure that your web customers receive the same high level of care and attention that you would deliver in a physical store.  Far too many e-Commerce sites fail this first essential test.

White Hat Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques are  those that conform to the search engine guidelines.  Techniques that do not conform are referred to as Black Hat.  There have been some interesting legal rulings on Black Hat techniques.

The objective of good keyword research is more targeted prospects, as these are the visitors who are likely to buy into your website offering. This article provides a range of tips to help you carry out effective keyword research.

The web inevitably involves much jargon and many technical terms.  We hope that this small glossary will be helpful to those who need a quick place to look for plain-english explanations.

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