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Text and keywords

Correctly identified keywords are vital for success

What you say and how you say it are critical factors for two reasons. First, good text  improves your ranking with the search engines and therefore the number of visitors to your site. Second, it is the text that will persuade visitors to take the action that you want (the conversion rate).


Your message must be clear, compelling and concise. Your website content must align with your business goals. It should stimulate a call to action, which might be to make an enquiry, buy a product, fill in a contact form, subscribe to a newsletter, as just a few possibilities.


Web search engines use your text to find you, so your content must be of the highest quality, and targeted at the search terms potential customers or clients will use.  To achieve this targeting it is important that relevant keywords are included in the text.  We have tools that will help research and develop relevant keywords.


There is a well known cliché in web circles that “Content is King”.  True, but even more so is “Quality Content is King”!  If there is one thing that will really help site prominence with the search engines, and improve your conversion rate, it is well-written and highly relevant text; and text that is regularly updated.

We will work closely with you to develop first a framework of page titles, all focussed on meeting your  agreed goals.  Writing the draft text is the next step.  If possible, clients should take the lead here as you know your business best!  However, we will always actively assist, and can write the draft text if you prefer.  Where appropriate, a professional copywriting service can be provided to either write or to edit content to the very highest standard.


Our article on “Keyword research - the key to successful on-line advertising” may be helpful.

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