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Business goals

Whatever business you are in, your website is your public face, visible 24 hours every day.


Therefore it is important that your website supports the goals of your organisation. Your website is not a standalone activity.


Every business or organisation, large or small, has goals. Sometimes these goals aren’t always clear or obviously stated.  What is clear is that your website must connect and align with your goals. Websites are too often treated as a standalone activity.


You might wish to ask some critical questions; for example:

What is the purpose of our website?

In which way does our website support our business goals?

Are we taking full advantage of the web’s potential?

Who do we want to visit our website

What do we want visitors to do on our site

Who are our online competitors?  What are they offering?

Business goals must be defined to increase business

In any web project that we undertake we always start by making sure that we understand your business goals.  It applies equally to new websites, updates and optimisation projects.    


Clarifying business goals is a straightforward process and, in our experience, most business owners or managers find it to be very enlightening, and ultimately profitable.


We will always include an assessment of competitor sites in the discussion of business goals.

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