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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - is it necessary?

When people look for a product online the first place they go to is a search engine. Your web site provides an incredible opportunity to increase your profits, but is a web site alone enough?


Search engine optimisation or SEO is a common term that most people have heard about but very few truly understand. It can be a complicated endeavor but what is more often misunderstood is how important search engine optimisation is for a successful online business.


Consumers spend millions of dollars every day on products purchased online. The web atmosphere of today's internet has provided an incredible opportunity for business of every type and size to increase their profits with a solid web presence. A professional website is one of the most important tools in implementing that web presence. However, without the ability to find you, customers may never see your website no matter how attractive it is.

When people look for a product online the first place they go to is a search engine. There are hundreds of search engines that are used regularly by consumers all over the world but they all operate on the same basic principles. A visitor types in a word, or set of words, that they feel best describes what they are looking for. The search engine site then scans its database for the most accurate matches for that word or words.


Your site needs to be on the resulting list for the key words that best describe your product.


Studies have proven that sites ranking below the top five entries on a search engine's results page rarely get visited and sites showing up beyond the first page of listings almost never get traffic from a search engine. The average online consumer just isn't that patient, and they feel that top listed companies are more likely to have a solid reputation, a lot of satisfied customers and better deals. In other words they have a perceived sense of value for companies that are ranked in the top five search engine results and it doesn't matter how those companies got there.


How to get there:


SEO, or search engine optimisation can be a complex field; it certainly can be a tedious and time consuming! SEO also requires some skill for accurate implementation. There are many details involved in properly using and applying known techniques, but the basics to drive visitors to your site are:


     •  Defining the best set of single key words and key word phrases that accurately describe your product or service


     •  Learning how to incorporate those words and phrases into web content on your site's pages so that search engines can find you

        and rate your content for its relevancy


     •  Getting outside links to your website from other reputable sites


     •  Understanding the value, meanings, and proper use of meta tags


This is one area of your online business you cannot afford to take chances with. Inappropriately used meta tags, key words and phrases can actually damage your credibility with a search engine, as can links coming in from bad, or mismatched sites. Our article

addresses this issue. Make sure your SEO is done properly by an experienced professional for the best results and optimum traffic.


Search engine optimisation pulls together all opportinities coherently

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