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Below we have selected a range of examples of our work. Please click on the underlined link to go to the website.

Our portfolio demonstrates our effectiveness

Plowman and Partners are a long-established leading private Dental Practice based in central London with an international reputation.  We took over a dated website that was in urgent need of improvement for visitors and for search engine optimisation.  We implemented a major programme of significant improvements that were identified in our Search Engine Optimisation analyses.  This generated a significant jump in visitor numbers, time on site and pages viewed and a big reduction in bounce rate.  


We achieved, over several years, the coveted top-spot on page 1 of Google's search results for key search phrases. All this resulted in profitable new patients who found the practice on the web.


After a major change of strategy at the partnership this website is no longer active. We have kept it here as it is an excellent illustration of a 50-page sophisticated website for a high-end professional practice.

LandPRO is a specialist consultancy advising on the costs of landscape works.  LandPRO market the award-winning LiberRate landscape cost software.  Our brief was to completely redesign the website including structure, navigation, content and graphics, all with Search Engine Optimisation in mind.  The new design, but particularly our technical and other SEO actions, saw an immediate improvement in all leading analytics parameters.

Thumbnail of LandPro, specialist landscape cost consultancy, home page

Julia Crane's site showcases a few of the portraits and paintings of this talented artist who works in London and the Home Counties.  Julia works in a variety of media.  The thumbnail here shows portraits of BB King, Bridget Bardot, Nina Simone and Marilyn Monroe. This site has brought in many commissions for paintings of pets and children as well as for more general paintings.

Solar4us is a leading installer of solar photovoltaic panels, servicing London and the south-east.  We took this website over in  2012 with the brief to make significant improvements to the marketing effectiveness.  This required updates to the structure, design, content and technical parameters; leading to improvements in search engine rankings and conversion rates.  A second round of improvements included the new battery storage technology for solar panels.

This unusual website was built specifically to sell an expensive Golf Club Membership.  The site describes one of the best golf clubs in the world and the financial attractions of this particular class of membership.

The membership has now been sold but the link has been left here as we regard this as a unique bespoke website.

Thumbnail of National Turkey Membership home page
Thumbnail of Plowman & Partners home page
Thumbnail of Solar4us home page
Thumbnail of home page of Artworks by Julia Crane
Thumbnail of home page of Fleet Electrical Solutions

This is an example of a starter website.  Fleet Electrical Solutions is a new but fast growing business.  They urgently needed a website to support their business.  This is a simple one-page website that serves that purpose but has been built to be readily scalable to multiple pages.  Although only one page Google Analytics, Google Places and Google Search Console have all been installed. home page

Creative Counselling Sussex provides wide-ranging counselling services for children, teenagers and adults by an experienced Counsellor, in and around Horsham.


This is a sensitive work area and it was important that the website gave a clear picture of the ethos, style and ethics that the Counsellor provides, as well as an explanation of the services offered.

Guy Robertson 1
Guy Robertson 2

After the change of strategy above one of the Partners at Plowman and Partners commissioned us to build a website specifically for him.


This is a highly personalised site in which dentistry is only one element.  The site includes information on his interests in art and music.

Screngrab of Welcome page

Davtee Ltd is a successful family run business providing Architectural and Surveying Services.  A Chartered Building Consultancy they are members of RICS and CIOB.

Based in Alton, Hampshire, Davtee service clients across the South East.

We took over an old site built on a simple platform and designed and built this new site on a modern platform.  Work included adherence to best practice Search Engine Optimisation standards.

Home page screengrab

This new website is for a company specialising in the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of ponds.  We were commissioned to replace a very basic website that did not properly reflect the skills of this company.  


A major feature of this site is the inclusion of many photos of ponds constructed or renovated, showcasing the wide range of designs.  


The site has been constructed to conform to all the requirements of Search Engine Optimisation.


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